"My 11 year old son, Graham, receives catching instruction from Austin Wynns, catcher for the Baltimore Orioles, on a weekly basis at The Baseball Warehouse in Owings Mills, Maryland.  Austin is the utmost professional.  He is an exceptional teacher, motivator, role model, and mentor to Graham.  When observing the lessons, I feel as if I’m at Camden Yards during player stretching, drills, and instruction since the hour long experience is so authentic.  All the tools needed are on site.  Austin’s approach is clearly what MLB Players go through during the daily grind.  Austin is patient and detail oriented.  He truly knows all of the proper mechanics needed to fine tune in each area of the catching position as evident in his thorough teaching.  Graham’s ability and confidence both improve during each lesson with Austin.  I don’t believe that you can get a better experience anywhere else for a child who’s passionate about becoming the best by improving and refining his baseball skills."
-David Dopkin

"The Baseball Warehouse provides outstanding private instruction and development opportunities for youth in the Baltimore/Washington DC area. Mike Bordick has been a great addition to the TBW instructional team. My son has been working with him for almost a year. I have seen great improvement through his positive and upbeat style. Mike is quick to identify areas to improve on and praises hard work and success with hitting and fielding. Thank you Mike Bordick for your help, support and guidance."
-Eric Kamerman

"My son has been working with Patrick Smith for about a month now and it has been a great experience for him. While Patrick may be new to TBW, his high level of instruction and tailored delivery is just what we were looking for in private instruction. Whether it’s the finer details of mechanics, or the relatable explanation of a mental approach to a situation, his teaching methods and the various drills he incorporates have been well received by my son. Patrick has had a great influence in just a short amount of time working with him. This off season has been one I'm confident that we’ll look back on as a turning point in his development, thanks to Patrick and the TBW team."
-Jim M.

"My 15 year old son Adam had been playing rec baseball for several years and after a shortened 2020 high school season he wanted to find a private instructor to improve his hitting and work on transitioning from catcher to the outfield. Spencer Horwitz has been great to work with over the past five months. Not only has there been a noticeable improvement in Adam’s hitting and fielding skills thanks to Spencer’s detailed knowledge and instruction, but Spencer has been invaluable in teaching the mental aspect of the game as well. I think it has been beneficial for Adam to see first hand from Spencer the dedication and push that it takes to get to the next level, and he has been a great motivator for Adam as he prepares for tryouts next spring."
-Myles Livingston

"Working with Austin Wynns has been one of the most valuable and worthwhile experiences that I've had at TBW. Coach Austin has an eye for details and seems to have a drill that applies to every situation. I learn something new every time that I work with him. After every lesson, I feel like I'm walking away not just as a better catcher -- but as a better baseball player."
-Andrew Mathias

"Austin Wynns brings Major League credibility and a knack for instruction to the table, and it absolutely resonates with young ballplayers.  My son needed to improve behind the plate, and working with Austin has been a godsend.  Thanks to Austin he's a better blocker, his receiving and footwork have improved dramatically, and his pop time is noticeably lower. Those are just a few of the surface level changes. After each lesson with Austin, I can tell that my son has a renewed sense of energy and drive to become a better catcher - in every facet of the position. And that's the impact of high caliber, top notch, professional coaching.  Quite frankly, time spent with Austin is time that is very well spent."
-Mike Mathias

"I have been training with Mike Bordick for the past few months. He was a player at the professional level and has more knowledge and understanding about the game than anyone I have met. It is one thing being a player in the game and another having the ability to teach it to others, but coach Mike can do both with a constructive approach to areas of improvement. He showed me that mistakes will happen on the field and in training, but you must acknowledge, learn from them, and move on. I believe he truly enjoys helping and training players and wants us to succeed as much as us players do, which is rare to find. He has helped me further succeed by working on correct throwing mechanics and fielding position. I would recommend Mike Bordick to any player that wants to improve and progress in the game of baseball."
-Parker Brennan

"Our son has been taking private lessons with Ryan O'Sullivan for two years now.  We wish we would have found Ryan and The Baseball Warehouse sooner. When our son started with Ryan he was lacking the confidence that he once had. Ryan had the ability to bond with him and get him to trust himself again. To be able to have a coach that knows the drills and proper mechanics that are needed to be successful was huge. We could not have asked for a better coach to continue to teach our son the the game of baseball. We know that Ryan is now and will always be a mentor for our son."
-Heather Munk

"My boys have been working with Austin now for approximately six weeks and the progress is incredible. Austin is very outspoken and easy to talk to which helps immensely when communicating his vast knowledge of different baseball drills that have helped him and others in the past. He has an eye for picking up on mechanical flaws and figuring out a way to overcome them. He is showing them skills that they can use not only in the facility to help them, but also at home when they are working out and training. I can't wait until the boys get back out on the field to see how much they have improved both offensively and defensively."
-Jimmy Kastanaras