"I wanted to take a minute and let you know we were very happy with the showcase The Baseball Warehouse put on. There were several aspects of the day that I think went really well.

1.  You told us beforehand you expected at least 20 college coaches and you wound up with more than that attending
2.  There was a good mix of D1, D2 and D3 as well as 2 year college coaches there
3.   The day was well organized so all the players were working out in front of the coaches
4.   In the simulated game all the pitchers got to work and hitters all got several at bats
5.   We were also contacted after the event by coaches so that was the best part!

We’re looking forward to your next event, great job!"
-Paul Gillespie

"The showcase that the Baseball Warehouse held was the best around. There were over 30 college coaches there to scout our every movement. As a bonus TBW staff worked hands on with all the players to improve their game. I can't wait to be a part of the next event that the Baseball Warehouse holds!"
-Matt McGee, John Carroll class of 2015

"I want to thank the Baseball Warehouse for allowing Ben to participate in your pitching showcase back in February. Your showcase was well ran and efficient. You really see if a kid will perform under pressure when he is the only one pitching for 40 plus college baseball coaches. Many of the coaches at the showcase contacted Ben to ask him to play for their team. The York college coach was there and the rest is history. I have seen very few opportunities for pitchers to be evaluated individually by 40 plus college coaches and professional scouts where the goal is to get players and college coaches together. All the players who participated in the showcase had the skills and abilities to be there. That showcase put Ben and York College together. Without the exposure at the event Ben may not have had the opportunity to currently be playing in college. Thank you!"
-Mike Demchak

"We attended The Baseball Warehouse's showcase event at St. Paul's and we couldn't have been happier.  The level of play of all participants was top notch and the number of schools represented was just as advertised.  Thanks TBW!!"
-Chip Sebastian

"I would like to congratulate The Baseball Warehouse on a superb showcase event on July 30th. As you know, we have been to numerous showcases located at universities across the region this summer and I dare say that your all-day event had more college coaches/recruiters in attendance than nearly all of the others combined. Coaches representing 22 college programs (ranging from major division I and Ivy League to Junior College) was quite impressive. This was even more so the cases given that they were there to observe only 28 players that you had invited. What an outstanding player to coach ratio (and they stayed right to the end with the boys continuously engaged in demonstrating their skills in front of them throughout the day … right up to the last play of the exhibition game). In addition, as always, The Baseball Warehouse staff was/is superb in running the event. Given their universal experience in professional baseball, this is not surprising … but not all whom have played can also teach. You have put together an outstanding team. The turn out of these college coaches for your event is a testament to the standing of The Baseball Warehouse and your staff in the college and professional baseball community. I am very pleased that my son had the opportunity to benefit from this experience. Much Thanks."
-Dan Mullins

"Very impressive! Top notch professional grade! 22 college coaches showed up to the July 30th, 2014  Baseball Warehouse showcase.  In my eyes, they delivered delivered a grand slam! I have been to numerous baseball showcase events and without a doubt, The Baseball Warehouse is here to standout from all the rest by delivering what they sell....  'Exposure to college coaches'. "  
-Dave Kopel,
 Pikesville High School Varsity Baseball Coach

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